Kate Pond, Sculptor

New and Recent

World Sculpture Project travels during 2015

Norway We remove the time capsule from the SOLEKKO sculpture at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Olso, Norway on June 4.

Adults look over their artwork completed in 1996.

connecting to the universe!

Japan People gather around the sculpture HIMEGURI on summer solstice in anticipation of seeing the contents of the ceramic time capsule. Mitsubishi Sports Garden in Izumi, Sendai, Japan.

Elegant drawings completed in 1998 and placed in the blue ceramic time capsule.

Canada On fall equinox we begin to dig for the artifacts buried under the ZIG ZAG sculpture at the Colby-Curtis Museum in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada.

Artifacts and ceramics found by local children digging under the sculpture.

Virginie Caron, a staff member of the Colby-Curtis Museum, holds a tray of artifacts and ceramics.

Hawaii, USA Reverend Kaleo Patterson blesses the shovels before Jen Robins and Melody Heidel unearth the time capsule.

Artwork displayed after unearthing the time capsule near the sculpture at the Kapi’olani Community College in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Water color painted by student in David Behlke’s class at the college in 2002.

Poem and drawing by Punahou School student.

New Zealand The Telling Stones sculpture Mapua Central School.

Kate and Principal Neil Chalmers look at the green egg shaped time capsule in its steel sarcophagus

Lovely map of New Zealandt.

Drawing of the colorful and bold pukeko bird native to New Zealand.

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