Kate Pond, Sculptor

Buddhist Mani Steels

Mani Steel
13" x 5 1/2" X 1/4", corton "weathering" steel with a bees wax finish

Pond's step into Tibetan calligraphy started with ink and brush and now has been transformed to her traditional material. Having seen "mani stones" carved with 'Om mani padme hum', the mantra of the Buddha of Compassion, she was inspired to translate the carving from stone to steel.

Traditionally mantras appear on prayer flags, prayer wheels and carved "mani stones". Anyone who sees, hears, or recites the six syllable mantra will receive its' blessing. Prayer flags impart these blessings to the wind, and will bless whatever is touched by that wind. The "mani steels" embody all these aspects of the mantra expressing it in a new idiom.

Pond's "mani steel" of the seed syllable 'hung' is cut from 1/4" corten steel connected as a vertical design. The art work can hang on a wall or be placed in a garden.