Kate Pond, Sculptor

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Greetings, I am back in my workshop after some time off to travel to the five countries in my World Sculpture Project and to move to a new residence.

It feels good to be starting my plasma cutting torch again and working with steel. Currently I am working on a wall hanging of steel fish for a Florida home.

I have finished a design for a sculpture called Mobius Spot. It is a *mobius strip and configured to be a seasonal sun marker. The winding steel shape incorporates a bench and marks the passing of equinox. At solar noon on the fall and spring equinox, a shadow cast by the sculpture aligns with an east/west line in the middle of the bench.

*mobius strip: a continuous closed surface with only one side; formed from a rectangular strip by rotating one end 180 degrees and joining it with the other end.

If you are curious about Mobius Spot or other sculptures of any size, please email me at kpsculptor@gmail.com and I would be pleased to make an appointment with you.
Kate Pond