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A Year To Reconnect

(Photo credit Mimsy Moller)
The deputy director of the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology hands the top cap of SOLEKKO to Kate. The time capsule is inside the sculpture.

The year, 2015, was a year of celebration and renewal, a year of reconnecting with friends and youngsters gathered around my sun-aligned sculptures in five countries. We joined together to open time capsules associated with the sculptures in Oslo, Norway, Sendai, Japan; Stanstead, Quebec, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Mapua, New Zealand.

The thousands of miles traveled led to wonderful reunions and a nice sense of expectation and surprise as we opened the capsules, to find beautiful artwork and meaningful statements drawn or written on small cards. Some Norwegian and Japanese students also created exquisite ceramic pieces.

The first sculpture, in Quebec, just across the border from my home state of Vermont, was created in 1993, the last, in New Zealand, was completed in 2007. In each country, we made connections with or between students, faculty, administrators, friends and family members.

For me, this became the theme of the overall project: connections. My hope and intent was to connect people and cultures through art.

One way we did this was by sharing the student art from country to country. For example, the time capsule opened in New Zealand contained artwork from students living in Japan.

The geographic connections between the sculptures at specific latitudes are important also. Each piece has a unique alignment with the sun or stars marking the seasonal time of the equinoxes or the solstices.

Making art with children was most satisfying and just plain fun. I encouraged them to express their feelings: "What is important to you? What are your joys and worries?" Many expressed their concern for the environment or the world's natural resources. They tackled the assignment with contagious enthusiasm. The results were unique and beautiful.

As this extended project comes to a close, I am making plans for future work. I have extra time to explore fresh new ideas. Where this will lead? Who knows?

I continue to create small and large sculptures made of steel. When clients approach me to discuss a sculpture commission I listen carefully. I travel to the proposed sculpture site to explore design and sometimes, alignment possibilities. Then, over two to three weeks, I create a series of ideas in maquette (model) form for approval. One new medium suitable for small sculpture is copper.

If you are curious about dynamic sculptures of any size, please e-mail me at kpsculptor@gmail.com and I would be pleased to make an appointment with you.

Kate Pond